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05 September 2006

I'm moving!!!

Yes, this blog is moving to a new home at

So here is the new URL:

Theological Education

One of my main concerns in the past couple of month has been education for clergy, especially Anglo-Papist minded clergy and ordinands. I would like to work on a Syllabus of sorts with a book list for men (!) who are interested in reading more and expanding their theological base along Anglo-Papist lines.

So here is the challenge:
which books have you found useful, interesting, informative, theological sound in the classical areas of theology (Biblical, systematic, Historical, Pastoral) and would recommend for someone to read. (Maybe as a small aside, books which are readily available).

I'll start:
CATHOLICITY: A Study in the Conflict of Christian Traditions in the West

30 August 2006

Bishop unhappy about situation in Anglican Church

Biretta tip to titusonenine.
Touching on the theme for the conference, he said the laity had to be effectively empowered to contribute constructively to the activities of the church, and also expressed concern that although liturgy was congregational and participatory, there was currently, "a worrying situation", in the church whereby, the majority of the laity "have become more or less spectators, expecting the priests to do everything".

He emphasized that there could be no effective worship without lay participation, and that the church's liturgy should be "contextualised and in cultured", by having it reviewed and translated into local languages, such as Ewe, Ga-Dangbe, Twi and Hausa, to facilitate the participation of the entire congregation.

Read it all here

28 August 2006

Rubric blindness

Via The Curt Jester. A small example of a very serious problem:
Rubric blindness, or rubric vision deficiency, in humans is the inability to perceive rubrics. It is some times of genetic nature, but may also occur because of eye, nerve, or brain damage, or due to exposure to certain liturgist and heterodox theologians. What normally happens is that this condition is not caught in seminary before they are ordained. The priest knows he is suppose to do something at these points but does not want to embarrass himself by saying he can't see them. They go on like people who are functionally illiterate and cope with the world around them. Unfortunately when they look around at other Masses to see what other priests are doing at these points in the liturgy they find no standards.

Coming to a parish near you ...

26 August 2006

Carthusian Cell.

There are some great pictures (and tour) of a Carthusian Cell at The hermeneutic of continuity.

Something interesting ... maybe

From Catholic Church Conservation comes a most interesting article, Iconoclasm and Liturgy, by Martin Mosebach. The rest of the blog is worth a look too as it looks very interesting.

24 August 2006

Please pray for ...

... Milly Telford-Sharp (our goddaughter-to-be) who is in hospital with Broncialitis. She is only a week away from her baptism. Please also remember her parents, sisters and brother.

22 August 2006

Feeling sick ...

I am feeling very sick today and have cancelled all my appointments. I will do some work (well, try) on the computer and have a little relax. (Maybe I can watch some more Sopranos or the Godfather!)

Since I have not slept much (only a couple of hours) I surfed the net this morning looking for inspiration. (ok, before you say anything: yes, I will say the Office and my daily Rosary soon and get some divine inspiration). I found this website: The Sectarian Strand. I had emailed the Mild Colonial Boy, Esq., from Brisbane preciously as he has a link to this blog and my other blog. Well, today I noticed the Intents & Purposes on the blog. The third worries me:
Intemperate tirades against Godlessness, Popery, Heresy, Sodomy, Fornication, Immorality, Foreign Riff-Raff, Vulgar Oafishness, a Regnant Commonwealth Government, Treasonous Balderdash, Multiculturalism, Republicanism, Radicalism, Feminism and the Monstrous Regiment of Drunken, Swearing, and Tattooed Women, and other Blights on Western Civilization.

I have not seen the word popery used in that context for sometime. Interesting how it follows on from Godlessness! Is there a logic progression?? I should not be surprised: all sorts of people have blogs - even me!

21 August 2006

Society of Mary

A couple of links to the oldest devotional society within Anglicanism:
Society of Mary (note the new website address) and a very interesting Wikipedia article.

20 August 2006

Chelsea miracle

From the Herald Sun: The Miracle of Chelsea
COULD God be living in Chelsea?

That's the question the locals are asking after a fire ripped through St Joseph's Catholic church, leaving behind some bizarre symbols.

Firefighters and demolition workers were shocked to find images of four crosses on the wall behind the church's altar.

The crosses -- two each side of the crucifix -- have many wondering whether it's a strange coincidence or an act of God.

Some parishioners are already referring to them as the "Chelsea miracle".

The blaze broke out early on Wednesday and demolition supervisor Mark Barrett first noticed the crosses later that day.

"It's a little bit freaky," he said. "I just noticed on the wall there were four metal plaques and around the plaques there were crosses surrounding them.

"It's heat deflection, I have no doubt about that, but there are other plaques around the church and there's nothing around them."

CFA fire officer Ken Evans, of Patterson River fire brigade, was also shocked when he inspected the church yesterday.

"It's very weird and spooky," he said.

Mr Evans said firefighters had commented they had never seen anything like it.

"For the smoke to form in definite shapes is very unusual," he said. "It's supernatural or something. Someone's trying to tell us something."