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22 August 2006

Feeling sick ...

I am feeling very sick today and have cancelled all my appointments. I will do some work (well, try) on the computer and have a little relax. (Maybe I can watch some more Sopranos or the Godfather!)

Since I have not slept much (only a couple of hours) I surfed the net this morning looking for inspiration. (ok, before you say anything: yes, I will say the Office and my daily Rosary soon and get some divine inspiration). I found this website: The Sectarian Strand. I had emailed the Mild Colonial Boy, Esq., from Brisbane preciously as he has a link to this blog and my other blog. Well, today I noticed the Intents & Purposes on the blog. The third worries me:
Intemperate tirades against Godlessness, Popery, Heresy, Sodomy, Fornication, Immorality, Foreign Riff-Raff, Vulgar Oafishness, a Regnant Commonwealth Government, Treasonous Balderdash, Multiculturalism, Republicanism, Radicalism, Feminism and the Monstrous Regiment of Drunken, Swearing, and Tattooed Women, and other Blights on Western Civilization.

I have not seen the word popery used in that context for sometime. Interesting how it follows on from Godlessness! Is there a logic progression?? I should not be surprised: all sorts of people have blogs - even me!


  • I think you actually mean the second when you say third.

    Leaving that aside, like you I was surprised when he linked to me, my blog was in it's early days then (still is), but it still had its Catholic Links section, so when I read that statement you refer to I was surprised to have had the link.

    Of course it left me with the dilemma of linking back to him, but when I saw he had a section for "Papists", I thought well if he's prepared to be tolerant I shall be to.

    As an aside, I found your blog through his, and I've given you a link. But don't worry if you don't want to link to mine at:

    By Blogger Vote Franco (fdm), at Wednesday, August 23, 2006 7:31:00 AM  


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    By Blogger Adamgv, at Sunday, February 22, 2009 2:57:00 PM  

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