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18 August 2006

The papacy

There is an interesting post at A conservative blog for peace, Fr Peter Robinson on the papacy.

I am always interested in how people see and understand the papal office in the wider working of the Church. So send me any links, thoughts, etc.


  • Just for the sake of your readers:

    Fr Pritchard, the PP at Chelsea, is a close friend. He supported me (both materially and spiritually) in my long sojourn toward the Catholic faith. Eventually, he will make his entrance in my conversion retro-blog

    Anyway, I think the real miracle is that Pritch is still with us, given that his presbytery actually ajoins the Church.

    (I wonder if they will incorporate the miraculous crosses when they redo the Sanctuary? Knowing Pritch's good taste, I think not).

    By Blogger Sch├╝tz, at Tuesday, August 22, 2006 7:44:00 PM  

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