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25 March 2006

More on development

To further discussion, here is an interesting article, Is the New Mass really a return to Patristic Sources?.
It is no wonder that the artificial construct of the New Mass is always changing and being modified as it will always be at least a decade behind the current fads with which it seeks to be in synch, since the principle theoretical means by which the new Mass has relevance is by its ability to communicate with the modern mentality and needs of a particular people of the modern age only. The Mass' value has become its functional utility to communicate, and no longer does it emphasize the eternal transcendent nature of the sacrifice which depends on no culture or ritual, but upon fidelity to the apostolic traditions known only in the forms which have been handed down to use through the centuries in the ancient Mass, not through the interpretations and abstractions of European scholars who have only of late invented a new science of liturgiology, which is liable to all the limitations and deficiencies contracted by the curse of original sin.


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