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15 March 2006

Obedience again.

Paul Goings posted the following comments on the previous post on obedience:
I suppose that it would good to have some uniformity amongst Ango-Papalists, but aside from S. Clement's and S. Alban's in York (Bp Yingling's parish) I know of no other parishes (ECUSA, Continuing, or otherwise) where a sincere effort is being made to adhere to 1951, 1962, or any other Roman standard rite and ceremonial.

Here is my point in a nutshell. In my experience Anglo-Catholic clergy like to ‘tinker’. Change a bit here and a bit there and cover it under the umbrella of ‘catholic liturgy’. And all Anglican bishops used to be Anglican priests. They are not immune to the ‘tinkering bug’. Constitutions and Canon Law may give the bishop the right to institute liturgical norms within his Diocese but who is the bishop answerable to: Synod? Conscience?

The 1962 Missale Romanum and the 1960 Breviarium Romanum (and the associated books) are the traditional Missal and Breviary for the western Church. They have been established by lawful institution and are part of the expanding and living western catholic tradition. When we are safely within the bossom of Mother Church, we too may petition the Holy Father for the use of pre-1962 liturgical books.


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