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02 May 2006

Towards a definition …

The comments on the entry concerning Michael Yelton's book (thank you to Mr Goings and Mr Fulton) have made me think about how one may define Anglican Papalism, or what may the theology of an Anglo-Papist look like?

I think there is a natural development from the Oxford Movement and the Tractarian emphases on Apostolic Succession and Anglican Papalism. The Anglo-Papist world view adds to the Tractarian one. Maybe Anglo-Catholicism (whatever that may be in the 21st century) adds very little to the Tracatrian movement and lives, to some extend, within the theological and philosophical sphere of the Oxford Movement. Without a doubt most Anglo-Catholics have adopted Roman liturgical norms but have they a philosophical or historical criteria for doing so? Some Anglo-Catholics have adopted Eastern liturgical practises but for what reason?

Brooke Lunn, Couturier and the Church Unity Octave: from Anglican Papalists to the Present Day defines Anglican Papalism as those who are:
... convinced that the fullness of the Church is to be found both in the local Church, the bishop and his people, and in the universal Church, the communion of all the Church with the Church of Rome, the Apostolic See

I would like to add to this definition. The Anglo-Papist, through experience, knows that Apostolic Succession cannot be removed from the context of the Church and obedience to the Tradition of that Church. A mechanical touchy-feely view of Apostolic Succession is not the answer. Apostolic Succession does not create the Church but continues and sustains it.

The Anglo-Papist finds themselves within the context of the western Catholic Tradition. Through an accident of history, the Anglo-Papist finds themselves in schism with the Patriarch of the West. This "sin agaist the unity of the Church" has to be overcome on a cooperate not individual bases.

The Anglo-Papist has no choice but to express their obedience within the context of the liturgy. The Traditional Anglo-Papist’s natural movement is towards the Missal (whether English, Anglican, or American). But note: the liturgy not an Anglo-Papist makes!


  • The biggest problem, IMHO, is that there isn't any traditional Anglo-Papalist unity. Which isn't really surprising, since I would question if there are above ten sincere traditional Anglo-Papalists in the entire world.

    I may worship where I do now because of a number of fortunate historical coincidences, but when I am driven out into the Continuum I don't see very much hope in the U.S., or at least in the Philadelphia area.

    Perhaps, Father, you could tell us about things in Australia, and whether there seems to be more of a base there?

    Also, since it's not all about liturgy, as you point out, there is a need for much better catechesis, using authentic catholic source materials. I support the use of the current Catechism; would you agree?

    By Blogger Paul Goings, at Friday, May 05, 2006 3:46:00 AM  

  • I am being forbidden from viewing the PDF file for some reason. Thanks.

    By Blogger Adam, at Saturday, May 13, 2006 2:13:00 PM  

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