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01 April 2006

Marini speaks - Outside the Liturgical Reform, there is no Church

I know this is a little old but I thought I would share it with you. Here is an interview with the Papal Master of Ceremonies and his views on the liturgical reforms of the 1970s. Be warned: this is not pleasant:
The Tridentine rite or that of Saint Pius V, which in reality is the Missale Romanum aggiornato according to the last dispositions of 1962 by the work of John XXIII, was left in place under certain conditions to avoid a traumatic passage from the old rite to the new for the older faithful. Afterwards, pope Wojtyla allowed that, in certain churches, the rite of Saint Pius V could be celebrated. But to walk beyond this is to walk beyond the Church, and that cannot be done. If the liturgy is a sign of unity for the Church, I cannot establish groups of faithful who at a certain day and at a certain time pray in one way, then another group who in another time pray otherwise. And then we come to the Lefebvrists
It must be clear once and for all: they must accept what the Second Vatican Council has decided, otherwise no reconciliation will be possible. And then, what do these people want? The majority of the faithful has adapted itself; without the new rite, which was not a child of the Curia but a work of international inspiration, the celebrations and foreign trips of pope Wojtyla would have been impossible to make. Now, because they cannot adapt, what is the difference?

Read the whole article, Marini speaks - Outside the Liturgical Reform, there is no Church, for the full story. There is a response to the Papal MC, Is the New Mass Really a Return to Patristic Sources? by Fr. Romano Thommasi.


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