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29 March 2006

Good comment

I was very impressed with this comment on the Organic Growth? post, I thought I would move it out for everone to see:
Paul Goings said...

Well, yes, ghastly, and not in conformity with even the new liturgical rules.

However, these aberrations are by-and-large exceptions. Much more distressing are churches which advertise themselves as "Traditional Roman Catholic" or "Traditional Anglo-Catholic" but have few, if any, week-day Masses, and celebrations of the Divine Office (especially Sunday Vespers!) are totally absent.

And before anyone brings up the many places where these things would be difficult or impossible (priests who bi-vocational and such) please understand that I am not talking about such situations.

Very right Mr Goings! What has happened to the Daily Office? It is part of the Anglican ethos we all value so much. Where is Vespers and Benediction? Where are the weekday Masses?


  • In this parish we do our best. Whenever Mass is celebrated the appropriate office preceeds it. MP also occurs on any day when I have to be in the parish office. n the whole we usually manage three Masses and five Offices a week, and I would like to be able to expand that to daily Matins, Mass and Evensong, but with "one and a quarter" clergymen, and only a couple of readers, that might prove difficult.

    Fr Peter

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Saturday, April 08, 2006 1:34:00 AM  

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