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30 March 2006

New 1962 Missal?

From Dominicanus.

Liturgical Gossip
I have it from reliable sources:

1) that the new translation of the Roman Missal will be out sooner rather than later - this year or next.

2) the French Benedictines are about to publish, under the authority of the Pope, a new edition of the 1962 Missal which will include the additions to the sanctoral cycle since 1962 and some of the praefationes from the 1969 Missal. A Benedictine Missal in both senses!

The second seems very interesting and encouraging. It shows that Rome sees the 1962 Missal as a living tradition (with the inclusion of additions to the sanctoral cycle). However, one would hope not all of the new prefaces will be included.


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