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04 March 2006

S. Lucius, Pope

Today (in the Calendar of the 1962 Missal) is the commemoration of Saint Lucius I, pope, at Low Mass and Lauds.

S. Lucius was elected in 253 as the 22nd pope. He died early in March 254, of unknown reasons. Tradition claims that he was martyred in the persecution of Valerian (who was tolerant at first, but then changed his mind), but this seems unlikely as the persecution had not started in March 254.

He was buried in the Chamber of the Popes in the Catacomb of S. Callixtus, where part of the funerary inscription has been preserved. Later, when relics were brought to safety within the city walls, his mortal remains were brought to S. Cecilia in Trastevere. Many relics were sent to other churches; one of the most precious is his head, which was brought to Roskilde in Denmark c. 1100. St Lucius had been made patron of the church and of the Danish region Zealand. The relic survived the Reformation, and is today exhibited in St Ansgar Catholic Cathedral in Copenhagen.

Photo: Relic of S. Lucius I in St Ansgar Catholic Cathedral, Copenhagen, Denmark. Chris Nyborg, May 2002.


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