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08 June 2006

Liberalisation of the Traditional Rite?

[I wrote this a couple of days ago but have been unsure about posting it. Today's comment by Mr DG Fulton has helped me make up my mind and post!]

The recent Paschal Feast brought with it speculations concerning the possible liberalisation of the Traditional Rite by the Holy Father. I, for one, was deeply disappointed when the rumours did not give birth to anything but numerous blog entries. The rumours are again gaining weight towards a possible document being released in October.

Yet in reflection, I have been wondering if any liberalisation of the Traditional Rite will make any difference. I always thought that Universal Indult was a misnomer. But is it?

If, as has been suggested, the Holy Father in an attempt to move the Society of Saint Pius X back into the Roman fold gives permission for the use of the 1962 to all priests within the Western Latin tradition, will this move change anything? NO! Why? The very same priests are still bond by the 1983 Code of Canon Law. Any move towards a wider use of the Traditional Rite would be incomplete without a corespondent move in Canon Law. It would remain an Indult and not a matter of Law!

Let’s just look at a few examples: a) the Communion Fast (changed from the midnight the night before to an hour before Communion); b) Holy Days of obligation (often now moved to Sunday eg Ascension and Corpus Christi); c) days of Abstience removed.

In addition to a liberalisation of the Traditional Rite, a canonical existence needs to be brought forward. Maybe a uniate rite for Traditional Catholics? This would give a long-term canonical existence to the tradition rite.


  • There's the Diocese of Campos as a starting point. I think that it's an Apostolic Administration, but Bp Rifan has been given permission to enroll people from around the world. However, that does nothing about the situation "on the ground." There needs to be an indult that restricts the right of diocesan bishops to forbid the traditional Mass; it would also be helpful if there were some way to prevent them from retaliating against the priests who choose to exercise this option.

    Too, the fact that all of this is still very much in the air is yet one more reason for Anglo-Papalists not to make their individual submissions (wherever possible) until things become a bit clearer.

    By Blogger Paul Goings, at Thursday, June 08, 2006 10:15:00 PM  

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