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28 May 2006

SSPX and Rome

From an interview with Bishop Fellay which first appeared on the DICI website on 1st April 2006:
The two preliminary conditions: liberalization of the use of Saint Pius V missal and withdrawal of the excommunication – are meant, beyond the traditional faithful, for the good of the whole Church. It is a question of allowing Tradition to recover its right of citizenship in the Church and to prove itself in fieldwork. In this manner we can help Rome to solve the crisis in the Church. These two preliminary conditions work – according to the theological expression – as a removen prohibens, they must remove the interdicts which prevent Tradition from acting practically, pastorally.


  • A punto, padre. Traditionalism as an integral part of the church, alongside 'reform of the reform' conservatives and theologically conservative charismatics if need be, sì; condescension - the current status quo - no.

    By Blogger The young fogey, at Monday, May 29, 2006 10:41:00 AM  

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