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20 May 2006

More Papalism

Mr Yelton emailed me privately this morning and among other things he mentioned:
I should not think Anglican Papalism will go into paperback, as the market for that sort of thing is fairly limited. They printed between 950 and 1000 and when I last heard had sold about 550. That was before a review by Fr Leech in the Church Times which was very encouraging. Canterbury are pleased with the sales so far and are hoping to sell it out.
So don't wait for the paperback.


  • Yelton's "Anglican Papalism" is indeed a wonderful book. We are reading it as a discussion group at our local CCU (Catholic Clerical Union) Chapter -- Bishop Iker especially enjoyed it.
    Some time ago, you mentioned that you were going to set up a list of good traditional Missal parishes, and I provided information about our own St. Timothy's Church here in Fort Worth. Are you still planning to provide such a list on your excellent site?

    By Anonymous Fr. Christopher C. Stainbrook, at Saturday, May 20, 2006 10:58:00 PM  

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