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05 March 2006

Our Lady of Glastonbury

From the Glastonbury Shrine:
In 1965 the statue was solemnly crowned by the then Apostolic Delegate, Most Rev. Igino Cardinale, in the presence of the Anglican Bishop of Bath and Wells and an enormous gathering and Mass was said by Bishop Rudderham in the Abbey ruins. It was an historic moment; and the influence of Our Lady drawing all Christians to worship her Son together marks an epoch in the story of Glastonbury. The statue was designed by Mr. Philip Lindsey Clark, F.R.B.S. from the representation of Our Lady in a l4th century metal seal of the Abbey. The crowned statue of Our Lady bearing the Holy Child on her left forearm has a flowering bush on her right. This is probably nothing to do with the Glastonbury Thorn, which is not heard of until much later but is meant to signify Virgin Motherhood.

Our Lady of Glastonbury,
pray for us.


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